“Until We Meet Again…”

My Dearest Muriel,

Being so far away from you and our baby daughter weighs heavily on my heart, but your letters uplift my spirits, more than you can possibly know. I close my eyes and the echo of your words fill my senses and paint wonderfully vivid pictures in my mind. I watch, as you dance so gracefully, gliding across the floor like a silken stream, whilst cradling our sweet little Emily in your arms. I can almost feel the delicate softness of her tiny hand in mine, the curl of your hair brushing against my face, as you rest your beautiful head on my shoulder. I miss your cheery humming in the mornings. And the enticing aroma of your Victoria Sponge, baking in the oven on a Sunday afternoon. Yet, though tempered with an ache of longing, these memories cause my very soul to smile. For they remind me of the warmth and love that wait for me, when I return home.

My dearest, I know you have been praying that this day would never come, but the time to fulfil my duty to King and country is almost upon me. The preparations are now complete and tomorrow we leave for France to join our foreign comrades. Please do not be afraid or downhearted, my love. When you think of me, look to the skies and imagine an eagle soaring high above the earth, with the wind surging beneath the powerful beat of its wings. For that is where I shall be. Where my fellow pilots and I must be. Because there is no greater honour than for a man to stand for a cause, which is right and just. We do not wage war for the glory of crowns or the possession of lands, but rather for freedom against tyranny. And as a husband and a father, it is my greatest honour to fight this battle for you, my love. For you and for our child and for all the generations to come, so that we may live in a world where goodness prevails over even the darkest of foes.

I am not sure when I shall be able to write to you again, but please remember that I am always thinking of you both and that every night, I pray for your safekeeping. By the grace of Our Lord, I shall return to you very soon, but in the meantime, my love, I have but one request. I would ask that you continue to wear your sweetheart brooch, close to your heart, with the same dedication, as you spoke of in your letter. During this time of separation, it gives me great comfort to know that you carry with you this symbol of my love and the promise of the wonderful future we shall have, when we are together again. We will share new dreams and make new plans. Until then, my dearest Muriel, I pray you will wear your brooch with pride and let it serve as a beacon to guide my flight back to you and our daughter, once my work is done.

Forever Your Loving Husband,
James xxx


An original piece by Donna Anderson, which is currently on display at the “Wings of Love” exhibition at the RAF Museum in Hendon, London. The exhibition runs until 19/02/2018.

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