“Who Am I?”

With my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground,
I unleash my unstoppable fury.

Behold my powerful presence,
A twisting, towering titan.
Hear my thunderous rage,
The roar of an oncoming freight train…

Yet, I am a ghost,
For I can be felt,
But never touched.

Armed with my jagged dagger,
Blue-white hot and flashing bright,
I traverse the landscape like a madman.

Roots uprooted,
Homesteads now mobile,
Spinning cars with no road beneath…

Yes, I am a beast,
For I ravage
And I damage.

But, my centred eye is ever calm,
Unhurriedly watching the displaced debris.

And when my wrath is finally spent,
I am…

No more.

An original poem by Donna Anderson

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